Anonymous asked: One day I hope we will see the Botum Hari fall or spring collection

We have a fall line in the works and should be released this October.

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Anonymous asked: What are your opinions on 5sos? idk Ican't tell if you like them or not from some of the things you reblog. sorry if I'm being really dumb :( x

I’ve never reblogged anything in 5SOS’ favor

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Me as a mother


that doesn’t sound right


"The lowest peak for the VMAs was 1.9 million viewers during the Australian Band 5 Seconds of Summer’s performance"



when u tryna help out ya ugly friend


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now that I’m 18 I can order floam over the phone without my parents permission

Did he like ever have a death scare or something like why did I think this man was dead for so long

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